Expway BPM

Full-featured and Customizable Provisioning Management

Expway Broadcast Provisioning Manager (Expway BPM) allows operators to quickly design stunning LTE broadcast solutions with the rich content and functionality today’s subscribers expect. It is a full-featured and highly customizable evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (eMBMS) management application. Its stunning interface, advanced monitoring, security and workflow functions offer unparalleled configuration, management and control of your LTE broadcasting services.

Elegant Interface

BMSC servers are notoriously difficult to set-up and configure. Using command lines, the process is error prone and time-consuming. Expway BPM brings a remarkably intuitive and easy-to-use menu-driven Web GUI to configure your BMSC. Reducing set-up time and configuration errors, ensures your LTE Broadcast solution is delivered in a timely fashion.

Pre-built Templates

Expway BPM comes with pre-built broadcast services templates, such as streaming HD video, transferring large data files or software updates – with several customization options available. These incredibly easy-to-use templates are designed to reduce the time it takes to design stunning LTE broadcast solutions. Expway provides additional professional services to build customized templates for different use-cases such as stadium venues, public safety, and Mobile TV. This customizable and adaptable template-based design approach improves your time-to-market and lowers your overall project costs while lowering operational risks.

Role-based Access Control

Expway BPM’s powerful role-based security access supports multi-level roles to increase security and simplify the provisioning process. Users are assigned roles with a set of privileges associated with that role. The administrator role for example can set-up and manage other users. The supervisor role manages operators who create and manage broadcast services. This feature is flexible enough to easily align it with your organization’s responsibility structure.

Advanced Workflow

Expway BPM offers an advanced approval workflow to better control your broadcasting operations. For example, an operator can set-up a video channel streaming service, and the supervisor approves it. Workflow management functions are used in video and content streaming processes, which engage specific steps that require approval or specific actions that need to be taken by other employees in your organization. Shorten your time-to-market, while providing the quality-of-service your customers expect.

Flexible Broadcast Scheduling

Scheduling broadcast streams by time and geographical zone is easy with Expway BPM’s menu driven interface, and easy-to-read formats. Painlessly plan Live TV shows for example, by time-of-day and day-of-week, schedule premium experiences, peak-time offloads, and conveniently manager your urban coverage.

Application Programming Interface

The Expway BPM API makes it easy to design and build video and data streaming applications to monetize your LTE broadcasting efforts. Quickly configure your game or concert events, schedule your video broadcasts, decide how many and which cameras to stream, which statistical data to show, and which retail purchase programs you want your subscribers to engage in.

Open API

The Expway BPM API is open – so you’re not locked-in. Application developers develop once and port to other middleware. The Expway team is very active in the API standardization community. We’ve made this API Open Source to offer carriers a more reliable and stable API.

Open and Unrestricted

Expway BPM is designed to work with a single or multiple heterogeneous BMSCs. It supports unrestricted underlying BMSC architectures, enabling simple and rapid configuration of flexible LTE Broadcast provisioning services from multiple BMSC servers, across different geographical zones and diverse RANs.

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