Expway's BM-SC: leverage the power of Broadcast to push files & deliver live TV

For LTE Broadcast, the network needs a server component called the BM-SC (Broadcast Multicast Service Center). If you are an infrastructure vendor looking to develop your own BM-SC, look no further than Expway. If you are an LTE modem or device maker, you will also be interested in our BM-SC for Testing platform.


The role of the BM-SC

The purpose of the BM-SC is to ingest content (both live streams from encoders and push files from a content management system) and to prepare it for broadcast transmission. The BM-SC mostly communicates with one component in the broadcast network : the MBMS Gateway. It provides this gateway with content over the user-plane (SYNC encapsulated), and it provides commands and instructions over the control plane, so that the gateway can send content to the appropriate eNodeBs in the selected areas.


Build your own BM-SC, with Expway

Expway provides building blocks to network and infrastructure vendors who can then build their own BM-SC. In other words, Expway does not compete with infrastructure providers, but acts as a trusted technology provider.

Vendors, depending on their needs, may select different BM-SC building blocks:

  • The Broadcast Deliver Server encapsulates the content as FLUTE packets (File Delivery over Unidirectional Transport), calculating and adding FEC (File Error Correction) data to make the broadcast transmission more reliable.
  • The FEC Technologies include Raptor 10 and Expway’s own FEC (Reed-Solomon + Low-Density Parity-Check).
  • The File Repair Module allows the end-user device to retrieve (over unicast) missing packets that could not be reconstructed via FEC.
  • The Reception Reporting Module allows the network to gather quality of service data from end-user devices (over unicast).


Benefits of using Expway’s BM-SC

Developing a BM-SC from scratch is a complex and costly proposition. By using Expway’s building blocks, you can:

  • Lower internal development costs
  • Optimize time-to-market
  • Take advantage of a full-featured solution, with conformance to the 3GPP specifications
  • Leverage our expertise in different domains : operator deployments, device development, application development and contribution to the standards


Complies with all the major standards

Expway’s BM-SC is fully compliant with the 3GPP eMBMS specification (TS 26.346). It supports the following interfaces :

  • DASH for communication with the encoder for live content streaming
  • HTTP / FTP / SFTP for communication with the content management system for file delivery
  • SG-mb for control plane communication with the MBMS-gateway
  • SGi-mb for user plane communication with the MBMS-gateway
  • SGi for unicast communication for File Repair and Reception Reporting (through the P-gateway)


Interoperability tested, field hardened

Expway’s BM-SC has been successfully tested with the main LTE modem platforms, using devices from major handset manufacturers. It is also being used today by the main operators performing LTE-broadcast trials around the world.


BM-SC for testing, too

LTE modem providers, device makers, and other players in the LTE ecosystem have expressed the need to have a test BM-SC into their labs for development and testing purposes.

Expway provides such a testing platform, with the same features and functionality as a commercial grade BM-SC. Expway is also closely working with operators around the world to ensure the test BM-SC complies to their main device testing requirements.

The test BM-SC interfaces with off-the-shelve network simulators and signaling testers (not provided by Expway) to allow interested parties to deploy a compact eMBMS Broadcast System into their labs.


Hardware and software requirements

Expway’s BM-SC runs on Linux Red Hat and requires standard server hardware. For more details, please contact us and we will provide you with a more detailed product sheet.