Expway’s eMBMS​ Products include Device Middleware​, DASH Video Player​, and a BM-SC​ Server.

These solutions enable Mobile Operators to broadcast their content at LTE networks​, and Device Manufacturers to enable their devices with the capability to decode and receive LTE Broadcast streams.

The reasons why Operators and ODMs prefer Expway’s solution:

  • The Middleware is modem-agnostic and is already integrated with several major LTE chipsets
  • As the company provides both the server and the middleware, this secures the initial launch of their service
  • New features’ introduction is straight forward, thanks again to Expway’s end-to-end approach
  • Expway’s extensive experience in Mobile Broadcasting helps operators in implementing best practices.

The eMBMS Device Middleware [1] controls the eMBMS LTE modem, receives and decodes the eMBMS streams. It stores or displays the received content through a separate Video Player. It also provides comprehensive APIs that can be used by the application.

The eMBMS DASH Video Player resides next to the Middleware and is used to play all unicast and broadcast video streams compatible with the DASH standard. It uses devices hardware decoding for best performance.

The eMBMS BM-SC Server [2] handles the service layer at the eMBMS network, allowing the Carrier to push files and delivers live TV streams, from its head-end to the LTE network, by using broadcast.

Contact us for more information on how Expway’s eMBMS end-to-end solution can be deployed at your network:  It is ready and available TODAY.

[1]  eMBMS Middleware includes the following components:  FLUTE, FEC, Service Announcement, File Repair.
[2]  eMBMS BM-SC Server includes the following components:  FLUTE, FEC, Service Announcement, SYNC and File Repair.
* BM-SC stands for Broadcast Multicast - Service Center