3GPP Experts Meet In Paris to Define New API

Paris 3GPP

3GPP experts from Ericsson, Samsung, Qualcomm, Huawei, and of course Expway, met in the offices of Expway in Paris on Nov 21-23, 2016. The objective was to define a new API for content ingestion from content service providers to LTE Broadcast servers.


The purpose of the API is to simplify the interconnectivity between content service providers and operators. By standardizing this interconnectivity, the API will make it easier for TV broadcasters, OTTs, CDNs or App developers to leverage LTE Broadcast, instead of relying only on unicast streaming.


Making it easier for content service providers to benefit from LTE Broadcast, will in turn create new revenue opportunities for operators. For example, OTT service providers will be able to use LTE Broadcast networks as a new form of CDN and scale the content delivery to mobile devices at a minimal cost. Business cases include major sport events, Virtual Reality, connected-cars and Internet-of Things-services as well as App software and firmware updates at a massive scale.


There is a strong push from the business community to make these business cases a reality, and the 3GPP team members agreed to accelerate the development of this API by calling this impromptu meeting. The next step is planned for January, where a more technical group will define the network elements interworking. The plan being to have the complete API defined for release 14, scheduled for March/April 2017.