3GPP Studies Architecture Enhancements Needed To Provide 5G Multicast/Broadcast Services

3GPP approved the 5G-Xcast Study Item on architectural enhancements for 5G multicast-broadcast services. The approval of this Study Item is an important first step towards the completion of a full multicast and broadcast 5G solution.

These enhancements insure a path from 4G/LTE Broadcast to 5G Broadcast, protecting current 4G/ LTE Broadcast investments.

The study aims to define the framework between the radio access network (RAN) and the core network to support multicast and broadcast services, as part of needed enhancements to the 5G system architecture in order to support multicast-broadcast services. The work carried out will be applicable to both E-UTRA and NR access technologies

Several vertical applications will directly benefit from these enhancements, such as software delivery over wireless, group communications, public safety, V2X applications and IoT applications.

The study is not addressing requirements for Enhanced TV services, as EnTV is already supported in 5G. EnTV can be deployed in 4G and then extended to 5G.

Read the full announcement here.