5G Innovative Platform For Public Safety

Nokia and Orange formed the 5G Innovative Platform to produce solutions that address real vertical market use-cases, and hence improving today’s 4G LTE networks, and laying the foundation for tomorrow’s 5G networks. They called upon Expway to provide a key function of the platform, the Evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast transmission Services (eMBMS), also known as LTE Broadcast.

One such use-case illustrates how Voice and Video transmitted over a secure wireless network, can help different entities respond quicker, and better collaborate to manage an industrial incidents, like a fire. A video illustrating how this is done can be watched here.

In this scenario, smoke is detected at an industrial campus on a surveillance camera video. The campus security sends an alert message to the local fire department, and a drone to fly over the smoke. The drone video is sent over Orange’s secure network, to the first responders handheld devices allowing them to evaluate the severity of the incident.

The video is sent using eMBMS in order to minimize network bandwidth. eMBMS allows the video to be sent to a group on mobile devices simultaneously, without duplicated the data streams and potentially congesting the network.

Using another network function called Mission Critical Push-to-Talk (MC-PTT), a secure and prioritized group conversation is started between the first responders and campus security, improving the coordination between the different teams.

By integrating today’s innovative technologies with Nokia’s key network components, the 5G Innovative Platform showcases what leading LTE 4G/ 5G networks look like, and how they address today’s and tomorrows most pressing use-cases.