BT and ENENSYS Demonstrates Content Distribution Framework For Converged 5G Networks

ENENSYS and British Telecom (BT), the largest provider of fixed-line, broadband and mobile services in the UK, are doing a live demo of BT’s Content Distribution Framework for converged 5G networks. The demonstration was built using BT developed technology, as well as ENENSYS’ Broadcast products and 5G-XCast’s architecture specifications. The demonstration is taking place at the European Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC) from June 18thto 21st,

The appetite for live video is growing at an increasing rate, and shows no signs of abating. When thousands of people watch the same videos at the same time, networks become saturated. As a result, the networks fail to deliver the video quality people expect, or crash all together. BT’s Content Distribution Framework is designed to resolve these issues.

BT’s Content Distribution Framework uses Broadcast (aka Multicast and MBMS)technology to optimize bandwidth usage and deliver content more efficiently. It is applicable to both fixed and mobile 5G networks, and can interface with any content service provider.Client applications do not require any modification to benefit from BT’s Content Distribution Framework.

Broadcast, over any IP network, LTE or 5G, fixed or mobile, is widely regarded as the only technology that can help network operators deal with these extreme network bandwidth surges. MooD (MBMS operation on Demand), which is also included in the 5G-XCast specifications, is used to automatically and seamlessly switch from Unicast to Broadcast and back, depending on parameters set by the network operators. Furthermore, Multicast ABR is being standardized by DVB, and the 5G-XCast project is aligned with these specifications, in addition to the 3GPP specifications.

BT is running their unmodified and commercially available BT Sport App for the demo, using sample royalty-freesport videos from their massive content library. Commercial Bittium phones equipped with the latest ENENSYS Expway Middleware are used to play the Broadcast videos over a mobile network. Samsung tablets are used to showcase transmissions over a fixed network. ENENSYS is providing its carrier-grade Expway BMSC server to trigger MooD and transmit the videos in Broadcast.