Expway eBox For LTE Broadcast

LTE Broadcast Device Acceptance and Certification

LTE Broadcast Device Acceptance and Certification

Expway eBox is a compact and portable, full LTE Broadcast network, designed and packaged to run preliminary LTE Broadcast lab evaluations, and pre-carrier-validation tests.

For Mobile Carriers, Device Makers and Application Developers

For Mobile Carriers, Device Makers and Application Developers

Mobile carriers, device makers and application developers worldwide use eBox to verify their LTE Broadcast devices’ end-to-end connectivity and premium content delivery, and validate user experience quality, quickly and cost effectively.

How it Works

Rolling out commercial LTE Broadcast devices, applications and services is a complex, multi-step process requiring progressive network-to-device alignments with multiple debugging and verifications phases. It can also include passing stringent, costly and time-consuming carrier validation tests. Expway eBox for LTE Broadcast improves carrier testing sucess rates - cost effectively. It allows you to simulate carrier-testing conditions and comply with carrier validation workflow, process and test plans, so you can pass your next carrier test with flying colors!

Included In Expway eBox For LTE Broadcast

Expway eBox for LTE Broadcast is a real LTE Broadcast network - EPC and RAN, fully virtualized. It comes with the Expway BMSC - Expway’s LTE Broadcast server software - pre-installed on a small portable hardware box and a multiband radio transceiver. Also included, is the Expway Middleware to enable mission critical mobile devices for LTE Broadcast.

Easy to Set-up and Fully Configurable

Various parameters can be configured (frequency, time sync, reference content samples and more) through easy-to-understand menus. There is no complexity of sourcing from a wide ecosystem and there are neither apps nor middleware to develop.

Pre-loaded Use-cases

Expway eBox for LTE Broadcast comes with a full set of rich multimedia content, and the LTE Broadcast Application, designed to show today’s most popular LTE Broadcast video streaming and content delivery use-cases. Each easily activated through the app interface, they quickly demonstrate and validate your project’s potential and value.

Expway eBox LTE Broadcast App

Includes 4 live video streams with channel switching to simulate live feeds. OnDemand content push with "best-of” video clips. Large file delivery such as operating system and software updates.

Troubleshooting and Monitoring

Expway eBox for LTE Broadcast also comes with log files and a log viewer to help troubleshoot and monitor your LTE Broadcast project performance. The following statistics can easily be viewed: Reception report status for QoE feedback. File repair statistics for radio coverage and error protection fine tuning.