ENENSYS Hosts DVB TM-IPI ABR Multicast Task Force

The DVB TM-IPI ABR Multicast task force is meeting at the ENENSYS offices in Paris, from July 8th to the 9th to accelerate the completion of the specifications for adaptive bit rate streaming over any IP networks.

The task force aims to finalize the specifications by October 2019, and expects to approve them by January 2019.

The companies attending the meeting include BBC R&D, Broadpeak, BT Research, Enensys, Ericsson, and LG Electronics.

Among the items the task force will cover are: Extend the use cases and commercial requirements to cover the unidirectional operation (e.g. Multicast ABR delivery over satellite communications), Inclusion of Multicast operation on Demand (MooD), Multicast gateway operating modes, Multicast session configuration, completion of profiling the multicast encapsulation protocols FLUTE (as specified in 3GPP) and ROUTE (as specified in ATSC3.0).

DVB develops specifications for digital television systems through collaboration of its members in numerous working groups. The specifications are then turned into standards by international standards bodies. Once specifications have become standards, they are promoted for international adoption and implementation. To date there are hundreds of manufacturers offering DVB compliant equipment, and over a billion DVB receivers shipped worldwide.