Evaluating the LTE Broadcast Opportunity – An insightful report by GSA

LTE Broadcast Opportunity


The GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association) published an insightful report last week on the state of the LTE Broadcasting industry, entitled “Evaluating the LTE Broadcast Opportunity”. Expway was one of the contributors, and we are mentioned in multiple places, including the Telstra National Rugby League (NRL) Grand Final trial story, vendors involved in projects worldwide, and providers of middleware. The report was picked-up by several media outlets, including TeleAnalysis who released an article today about Expway’s involvement in the Reliance Jio project. Read it here.

The GSA report describes how LTE Broadcast is for real, and is on the brink of transforming the mobile industry by enabling operators to deliver the type and quality of services subscribers are increasingly expecting, cost-effectively. A number of end-user, business and technology factors have fallen into place to make it essential for operators to look at deploying LTE Broadcast projects. Operators who are late in the game will find it increasingly hard to retain their subscribers and will risk loosing them to their competitors.

The report describes the LTE Broadcast technology in quite a bit of detail, easily understandable by non-technical readers. GSA looks at several drivers of adoption, revenue opportunities and business cases. In the GSA tradition, the report also details the state of several LTE Broadcast projects worldwide and the status of middleware market.

You can download the GSA report here.