Expway Demonstrates its LTE Broadcast Middleware On iOS

Company continues its quest to provide solutions for any type of device, form factor and any OS.


Sunnyvale, California – January 5th, 2015 – Expway announced today the successful demonstration of its LTE Broadcast Middleware on iOS. The Expway Middleware is a device software that controls the LTE modem and provides application developers means to access LTE Multicast services easily, for both live video and file downloads.

“As per today, LTE Multicast deployments rely heavily on Android devices but there is a clear market demand for LTE multicast on all the other major operating systems such as iOS, Windows, and Linux as well. This is required now when future platforms will include all car devices, smartphones, mobile hotspots, set-top-boxes and so forth”, states Claude Seyrat, CMO of Expway Corp. “Expway’s unique value proposition is the ability to provide multicast on any LTE modem, on any type of device and on any operating system”, concluded Seyrat.

LTE Multicast allows carriers to off-load a large percentage of their video and data traffic. For example, YouTube traffic represents 30% of operators’ traffic. They can now reduce this traffic by 12%, simply by caching the 20 most viewed videos on the devices via LTE Multicast.

Another field that LTE Multicast can revolutionize is mobile video advertising, as even the HD-quality ads can be delivered with no buffering at an amazing low cost. The demonstration was held Friday January 5th at Expway’s offices in Sunnyvale, CA. It was running a complete integrated LTE network including an LTE Multicast server, a software packet core network (EPC) and eNodeB. The LTE Multicast signal was received through a LTE Hotspot and redistributed over Wifi to an iPad Air 2. Expway presented its LTE Multicast solution at CES’2015.