Expway helps VTT build an eMBMS 5G network in Oulu, Finland

The 5G Test Network+ (5GTN+) project, hosted by the University of Oulu and VTT Oulu in cooperation with over 20 industry partners, is developing key technology components for future 5G networks.

As a part of this project, there is an ambition to test eMBMS in a 5G network. Expway is providing VTT a full E2E solution for VTT to handle LTE Broadcast in a 5G environment.

The Expway End-to-End solution includes a server, i.e. Broadcast-Multicast Service Center (BMSC) and a Broadcast Provisioning Manager. Both products are integrated with Nokia’s Mobility Management Entity (MME) and Nokia ENodeB, for 4G, LTE and 5G network delivery.

In parallel, the Expway Middleware powers the LTE Broadcast devices. Expway also provides its Test Application that can be used on Android and Linux devices.

First devices to be used are the Bittium’s Tough Mobile. These are eMBMS enabled Android smartphone designed for demanding Mobile Security needs. Expway and VTT will shortly add also more handsets and devices, from other ODMs, in the project line-up.

As Expway’s LTE Broadcast servers and devices reside in VTT’s lab in Oulu, it means that also other VTT programs can leverage and utilize eMBMS in their projects.

Expway’s E2E solution supports various use-cases, including group push-to-talk (used by Public Safety officials), peak-time traffic reduction at mobile networks (off-loading LTE networks that get otherwise clogged when popular live sports/content is on), software updates, OTT live streaming, and other.

5GTN+ is a joint VTT and EU project, that has high profile participants, such as e.g. YLE, Nokia, Elisa, Mediatek, VTT, Bittium, and others.