Expway Implements Google’s eMBMS API on Android

We are updating the Expway Middleware to support Google’s newly announced eMBMS API, available in Android 8.1, and Android’s Open Source Project (AOSP). The availability of the eMBMS service in the Google APIs and Expway Middleware means that the service will be included in a much wider range of phones, which will benefit telecom operators, device makers and consumers worldwide.


The Expway Middleware will support Live Streaming and File download, and integrate with Google’s MW library/agent interface.


The Live Stream feature consists in implementing the audio/video streaming part (StreamingManager) of the Android eMBMS API (list of services, signal strength, start streaming…). The File download API support consists in implementing the file download part (DownloadManager) of the Android eMBMS API (list of files, status, download a file…).


As opposed to other eMBMS middleware that work with only one particular brand of modems, the Expway Middleware works on the largest set of available modems. The Expway Middleware also follows 3GPP standards. This gives operators the flexibility to offer their consumers different type of devices, and allows more device makers to enter the growing eMBMS space more quickly.


The Expway Middleware also works on several different types of devices, including smart phones obviously, set-top boxes, home gateways and even connected cars. This allows mobile, broadband and cable network operators to benefit from eMBMS and provide excellent, uninterrupted video quality to their consumers.


Stay tuned for more news about this project, as it nears completion.