Expway Joins 5G-Xcast

Expway is proud to be part of the 5G-Xcast project. 5G-Xcast is a global consortium of broadcasters, operators, and vendors. Its mission is to conceive, evaluate and demonstrate a new and forward-looking 5G network architecture for large scale immersive media delivery.

As can be read on the 5G-Xcast website, this new architecture will:

provide efficient, scalable and sustainable solutions for a large-scale distribution of media services fully consistent with the core 5G specifications.

The goal is to include these new definitions in the 5G specifications, and the 3GPP standardization. 5G-Xcast will also:

Facilitate seamless integration of fixed, mobile and terrestrial broadcast networks into a unified heterogeneous and flexible 5G infrastructure.

This will enable a better use of network resource, a smoother evolution path of future functionalities, improved QoE, and a graceful migration of media services to 5G.

As Matt Stagg, Head of Mobile Video & Content at EE, said on his LinkedIn page, 5G-Xcast will meet public demand for:

Immersive media expands to 4k/8k Ultra-High-Definition Television (UHDTV) including HDR (High-Dynamic Range), HFR (High Frame Rates) and wide colour space, object-based content, Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality (VR/AR/MR), 360° visual media and Next Generation Audio.

For more information and a list of consortium http://5g-xcast.eu/