Expway Middleware Featured In IndyCar Race

Verizon Wireless customers maximized their experience at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Indianapolis, Indiana – May 28, 2014 – Expway, the wireless multicast leader, announced today that NTT DOCOMO Ventures has made a strategic investment in the company.

The 2014 Indy 500 race was the first-ever event where Verizon Wireless let its customers test-run LTE Multicast in public and in open air. This live broadcast combined video of the race with in-car footage, as well as footage from cameras positioned all around the track.

For Verizon, LTE Multicast is a critical solution to how to manage the traffic – and, in particular, the video traffic increase – at their wireless network. Apart from the video, the tweets, Facebook posts, texts and voice transmissions added up to an unprecedented volume of almost 1.5 terabytes at the event.

Expway’s Middleware is the software that controls the LTE Modem and provides the multicast video, on the 7-inch tablets. The technology serves as an ideal backdrop to demonstrate the power and value of LTE Broadcast: Perfect picture-quality even when hundreds of thousands are watching the same piece of content.

This is something that plain LTE is simply not capable of!

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