Expway Middleware Powers Telstra’s LTE Broadcast Trial at NRL Finals


Trial showed how LTE Broadcast enables end-users in a crowded place to enjoy live premium HD content.

Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications company, successfully completed a highly sophisticated LTE Broadcast Trial at the 2015 National Rugby League (NRL) Telstra Premiership Grand Final on October 4th, 2015, using the Expway LTE Broadcast Middleware.

Guests in Telstra’s Connected Lounge at ANZ stadium participated in the trial during the nail biting showdown between the Brisbane Broncos and North Queensland Cowboys in front of a sold out crowd of 82,758 fans. Special Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone devices pre-loaded with a specially-designed app by Intellicore and the Expway Middleware delivered three live HD video streams to watch the game. One of the streams was a direct broadcast from the local TV Network, Channel 9. The other two were from a sky-cam and a ground follow-cam.

Telstra also streamed replays and stored them locally on the smartphones. Users could choose from up to seven different camera replay angles and watch them over and over again – a much better experience than fans at home watching the angles the TV Network choose to air. Telstra also delivered player stats using the same LTE Broadcast technology.

This amazing user experience was made possible thanks to LTE Broadcast (LTE-B), which allows a network to send a single content stream to multiple handsets instead of multiple individual content streams sent to each individual handset. Streaming a single stream source to multiple receivers takes a lot of pressure off the network, even when broadcasting in high-definition or sending large data files.

Expway provided the middleware installed on the end-user Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphones, which enables these devices and accompanying application to receive and decode the LTE-B streams, and provide users with a greater quality-of-service when playing HD videos. Telstra’s LTE Network is provided by Ericsson.

By the way, the Cowboys got their first EVER Premiership in a historic game that will go down as one of the most exciting Grand Final finishes ever. Go Cowboys!


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