Expway Multicast ABR 

What is it?

What is it?

Expway Multicast ABR (Adaptive Bit Rate) is a technology used to deliver content (mostly TV programs, films and videos) using only one stream to millions of users, reducing the bandwidth consumed in an operator’s network. With Expway Multicast ABR, service providers are finally approaching latencies that customers expect, and that have not been achievable with classic OTT services.

Who is it for?

Who is it for?

IPTV, Cable and Satellite operators concerned by the cost of scaling a traditional CDN to support OTT video traffic growth and popular-event demand peaks, use Expway Multicast ABR to scale cost-effectively.

Why is it important?

As OTT popularity grows to what seems like no limit, operators need to find less costly technology to meet this demand and scale efficiently. Adding CDN servers costs around $6 per additional user. With Expway Multicast ABR, the cost drops down to as low as $1 per user.

Expway Uniqueness

Expway Multicast ABR can be integrated within any existing CDN. It supports multiple profiles in Dash and HLS. Expway Multicast ABR is the only solution in the market to support Multicast/Broadcast end-to-end over Cable, DSL, Fiber, 4G and 5G Networks. Its scalable architecture can run on any virtualized framework. Expway Multicast ABR offers the lowest latency and zapping time in the industry. It also works on any OS over Linux or Android.

Network Technology

All that is required in the network to enjoy the benefits of Expway Multicast ABR, is the Expway Multicast ABR server in front of the origin server. The Expway Multicast ABR server ingests traffic streams from the origin server and packages them into multicast streams to be delivered over the IP network.

End-user Device Technology

The Expway Multicast Agent, integrated into the customer premises equipment, is used to convert streams from multicast to unicast. Common devices within the home network, such as TVs, smartphones, tablets, and PCs, consume the content in HD, with no delays or quality degradation.

Key Expway Products

Expway Multicast Server

The Expway Multicast ABR Server generates multicast streams. It can switch from multicast to unicast automatically and collects usage data from the home devices. It approaches the latency customer are expecting, and that is not possible to reach with classic OTT services.

Expway Provisioning Manager

The Expway BPM initiates and controls multicast services and can orchestrate several multicast servers. It centralizes device utilization intelligence to help determine the right delivery strategy.

Expway Multicast Agent

The Expway Multicast ABR Agent resides in the home premises equipment. It decodes multicast streams, and reconstructs video and content files. It also collects device metrics such as experience and reception quality.

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