Expway Presents FastLane, The Ultimate Mobile CDN

Offers flawless, cost-effective mobile video experience to any OTT service


Mobile World Congress – Barcelona, Spain – February 23, 2016 – Expway, the wireless multicast leader, presented today at Mobile World Congress FastLane, a new Content Delivery Network (CDN) solution with a unique approach to optimizing mobile content delivery. The solution focuses on optimizing the link from the network cell to the devices using LTE Broadcast, Multicast Dynamic Switching and pre-emptive caching.

Mobile traffic is persistently growing, fueled by an insatiable appetite for Over-The-Top (OTT) video content and social, news and gaming apps becoming more immersive by integrating video and virtual reality into their offerings.

FastLane helps OTT, CDN operators, and MNOs provide a crystal clear, instantaneous and flawless video experience for their end users. Complementing CDNs, which optimize the content up to the edge of the core network, FastLane delivers the content down to the mobile devices, “over the edge” in the last mobile mile.

At the Mobile World Congress Akamai booth (3B30), Expway and Akamai will demonstrate how switching from unicast to multicast using Expway FastLane helps avoid traffic peaks and reduce network bandwidth.

The Huawei – booth (1J50), will showcase how user experience quality can be monitored using FastLane, and the Expway – booth (8.0J40), will reveal what a high-quality HD video user experience looks like with FastLane.

FastLane uses LTE Broadcast, a 3GPP feature available in any recent LTE network, to deliver the content once, to a thousand users or more, leading to enormous bandwidth savings for the delivery of popular content. FastLane is a true end-to end Mobile CDN and includes all components necessary to deliver true LTE Broadcast. It is composed of Expway’s proven products, namely its BMSC, BPM and Device Middleware, already deployed by tier one operators and device makers worldwide, and a new product called the Device Agent.

With FastLane, CDN providers can enhance their solution with a unique additional level of performance. MNOs can also enhance their own CDNs or offer additional services with a guaranteed quality of service.

LTE Broadcast is also efficient for pre-emptive caching: transmitting large content files, such as video clips, advertisements, recommended videos and content used by gaming and social apps, to thousands of mobile end users at the same time during off-peak times, in anticipation of the content’s actual consumption.

Sustaining a good user experience is extremely costly for operators and, despite their efforts to increase network capacity, video quality degrades as content gets more and more popular,”” said Claude Seyrat, CMO of  Expway. “Fifteen percent of videos never successfully start and 25 percent of users give up when facing buffering. The mobile video market is at a crossroads: video traffic is accelerating and mobile operators have outmost difficulty to tame it. Expway solves this issue through the surgical and smart use of LTE Broadcast when, where and for which precise content it is needed.”

For more information on Expway and FastLane, visit www.expway.com.

About Expway
Expway is the world leader in wireless multicast, enabling Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and Over-The-Top (OTT) content providers to monetize the mobile data explosion. Expway delivers the highest quality mobile content efficiently and cost effectively through the last mile, from the MNO to the mobile device, with the highest quality of experience. Expway is the only vendor to offer a complete end-to-end, open solution, providing both the LTE Broadcast server and the device middleware. For more information, please visit Expway online at www.expway.com.

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