Expway Revamps Multicast ABR, with a New Solution for Both Mobile and Fixed Networks

Operators can now replace legacy TV services with truly scalable and profitable breakthrough OTT services

RAI Amsterdam, IBC 2018, September 14thth, 2018

Expway, the Multicast content delivery expert, unveiled today a new powerful Multicast ABR solution which finally enables OTT services to span across mobile and fixed networks, while being CDN agnostic. This new solution combines the video quality users demand with the scalability broadband operators need.
The TV landscape is going through a seismic shift. OTT services and live events are gaining in popularity, creating frequent “content storms”. During these content storms, when millions of viewers end-up watching the same TV programs, the bandwidth required surpasses the available CDN capacity. The result is video quality degradation and considerable customer dissatisfaction. Network operators are challenged to scale their service while maintaining economic viability.
Expway Multicast ABR is a new solution that helps broadband operators in many ways. It controls the delivery of their live OTT, and hedges against unpredictable traffic peaks from popular events. It offers unmatched scalability, since traffic is transmitted directly from the origin server down to the end-user devices, instead of cascaded through CDN caches. It can easily handle tens of millions of users at no additional CDN cost. It is the only solution that can be implemented on both mobile and broadband networks.

“Our customers are extremely pleased to see the extensive set of features our new Multicast ABR solution offers,” said Claude Seyrat, Expway CMO and Co-Founder. “It is the 6th generation of our multicast solution and it is now extended to support cable, DSL, and satellite networks”.

Expway Multicast ABR is CDN agnostic. It can be integrated into any network, and with any CDN vendor solution. The solution also features a powerful Forward Error Correction (FEC), patented by Expway, designed to seamlessly repair transmission errors. It supports push file delivery, used to push large files like VoD or system updates. Expway Multicast ABR automatically switches to Multicast from Unicast whenever heavy traffic is detected.
Several customers have already deployed, trialed and endorsed the Expway Multicast ABR solution. These include a major mobile network operator in India, one of the largest cable operators in Latin America, and a satellite operator in Europe.
About Expway
Expway is the Multicast content delivery expert, enabling network operators and device manufacturers to monetize the video-streaming explosion. Expway delivers content efficiently and cost effectively with consistent high-quality-of-experience. Expway is the only vendor to offer a complete end-to-end, open solution providing both the LTE Broadcast server and the device middleware. For more information, visit https://www.expway.com.