Expway Showcases WiFi Multicast and LTE Broadcast at 2016 Big Data Expo

2016 Big Data Expo

Expway successfully demonstrated its WiFi Multicast and LTE Broadcast solutions at the 2016 Big Data Expo in Guizhou, China. The feedback was extremely positive, prompting many SARFT local provincial branches to ask Expway to come back for more detailed project discussions.

The SARFT – State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television – is an executive branch of the People’s Republic of China. Its main task is the administration and supervision of state-owned enterprises engaged in the television, radio, and film industries.

Back in Sept. 2015 Expway demonstrated its LTE Broadcast technology to the SARFT, and was called back in Early 2016 to do the same with its WiFi Multicast solution. The agency was so impressed with the quality and the potential of the Expway technology, that they invited Expway to demo both solutions at the 2016 Big Data Expo.

As an immediate step, seeing that many local provinces have already invested in WiFi technology, the SARFT is recommending the Expway WiFi Multicast solution to leverage these investments, and broadcast TV services over 10 local provincial branches.

The SARFT is the only the operator with cable TV broadcasting licenses in China. The MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) recently issued a wireless carrier license to the SARFT – 700MHZ FDD LTE for their fusion network (NGB-E) – giving the SARFT the possibility to now broadcast TV over the air.