For Fixed Wireless Network Operators 

More Revenue!

More Revenue!

With LTE Broadcast, Fixed Wireless Network Operators can increase revenue by proposing their own pay TV services, in addition to Internet and telephone, instead of overloading their spectrum with OTT services from others.

More Subscribers!

More Subscribers!

With LTE Broadcast, Fixed Wireless Network Operators can double the number of subscribers, with no spectrum investment!

Spectrum Capacity Gains

LTE Broadcast reduces considerably the amount of 4G or 5G spectrum needed to broadcast the most popular shows leaving enough bandwidth for the less popular content, On-Demand videos, Internet access and voice.

How Expway Helps

Our knowledge of the ecosystem, and partnerships with key EPCs and Set-Top-Box providers, makes us the ideal partner for Fixed Wireless Operators to start their LTE Broadcast journey and offer Pay-TV services as a key differentiator.

Prime Time Decrease

During prime time, when most households are watching popular TV shows, and TV viewership is up 30% over down time, the network becomes saturated - leaving no room for voice and Internet. With LTE Broadcast, network usage can decrease to 57%.

Peak Time Reduction

During peak times, when a majority of subscribers want to watch the same sports game, newscast, or TV episode, the bandwidth required surpasses the available spectrum - just when people need it! With LTE Broadcast, network usage can be reduced to 25%.

Key Expway Products

Expway BMSC

The Expway BMSC broadcasts videos and data to multiple home-gateways simultaneously, with advanced Forward Error Correction (FEC) and File Repair. It also automatically collects usage data from the home-gateways to insure consistent quality of service.

Expway BPM

Broadcast services set-up and control are easily handled with the Expway BPM's easy-to-use templates and powerful management capabilities. It can control and orchestrate several BMSCs from different vendors.

Expway Middleware

The Expway Middleware resides inside the home-gateway. It is a necessary software component to receive, and decode LTE Broadcast streams.

Expway eBox For LTE Broadcast

Expway eBox is used to evaluate the readiness and reliability of home-gateways over a self-contained network in a box, or demo a Fixed Wireless TV solutions. It is pre-packaged with components like an EPC, eNodeB and LTE Broadcast server.