High-density Wi-Fi Multicast at Nack5!








The Expway team was present at the NACK5 stadium in Japan experiencing first-hand the first high-density Wi-Fi Multicast service in Japan.


We enjoyed watching the game using our Wi-Fi connected smartphones, just like every member of the audience could. We simply downloaded the Omiya Aldija official application, and connected to the NACK5 free Wi-Fi infrastructure already in place.


The “Smart Stadium” service by NTT Group allowed us to access 3 video channels. One was the live broadcast by SKY PerfecTV and the other two were digests of the game, replays, and live videos focused on specific players. Through the application, we could also access player and game data and receive coupons from the nearby shops and restaurants.


NTT group will roll out the smart stadium to other stadium in Japan, in their effort to contribute to the growth of sports entertainment.


You can learn more about the Expway Wi-Fi Multicast solution here, and read the Nack5 press release here.