Expway Last Mile CDN 

A Last-Mile Mobile CDN

A Last-Mile Mobile CDN

Expway FastLane is a last-mile mobile Content Delivery Network (CDN) for delivering premium content over wireless networks. It uses LTE Broadcast and automated Multicast Dynamic Switching, to optimize the delivery from the network antennas to the mobile devices.

Crystal Clear Video

Crystal Clear Video

Expway FastLane helps CDNs provide a crystal clear video experience to the end-users, leading to new revenue opportunities, while addressing challenges inherent to mobile networks such as limited network capacity during peak hours.

For Content Providers, CDNs and Operators

Content providers and CDNs can integrate a Mobile CDN solution like FastLane to their services portfolio and take advantage of Operators’ LTE Broadcast capabilities. Operators can also offer a last mile Mobile CDN as an additional service to their portfolio.

The Expway Uniqueness

Expway is the only company able to offer a complete end-to-end Mobile CDN. Expway has already commercially deployed all the Expway Fastlane components with Tier-1 Operators, leading device makers and modem manufacturers worldwide.

How It Works

Expway FastLane optimizes the delivery of live and on demand video by the dynamic and surgical use of LTE Broadcast. LTE Broadcast is used automatically when several users are interested in the same video stream at the same time (season final of a popular TV show, premier of a movie, breaking news, sports, concerts...). It also works for any sort of downloadable content by caching the content to thousands of mobile end-users simultaneously, in anticipation of the consumption.

Key Functionality

Multicast delivery of DASH and HLS video (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP and HTTP Live Streaming) using LTE Broadcast standards including highly efficient error correction algorithms, and operating in Single Frequency Mode between the various eNodeBs. Dynamic Switching between Unicast to Multicast based on the 3GPP-13 MOOD specifications and guided by CDN analytics.


Key Expway Products

Expway BMSC

The Expway BMSC is a server software that generates LTE Broadcast streams automatically. It can switch from Broadcast to Unicast automatically and collects usage data from the devices.

Expway BPM

The Expway BPM initiates and controls broadcast services and can orchestrate several BMSCs. It centralizes device utilization intelligence to help determine the right delivery strategy.

Expway Middleware

The Expway Middleware resides on the end-user mobile devices. It decodes Multicast and Unicast streams, and reconstructs video and content files. It also collects device metrics such as location along with experience and reception quality.

Expway CDN Agent

Expway CDN Agent is installed in the application. It is used by the App to manage the device cache and control the video streaming functionality of the device.