Expway Services 

Expway offers LTE Broadcast Services based on a unique

collaborative innovation approach.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients on multiple types of projects,

from early lab prototypes, to field trials and commercial deployments.

Our dedicated experts have a deep knowledge of the eMBMS ecosystem,

3GPP standards and great technical know-how.


Getting Started with LTE Broadcast

Getting Started with LTE Broadcast

Our experts are here to help you get started. Sign-up today for a free introduction to LTE Broadcast session. During this session, we explain what LTE Broadcast is, we go over use-case examples, the key ecosystem players, the market trends and we share best practices and our experience in building successful projects.

We also offer more technical in-depth on-site and off-site training classes, so your organization can become fluent in eMBMS and 3GPP.

Contact us now for a free LTE Broadcast intro session, or technical training class.

Demos and PoCs

Demos and PoCs

Our expert consultants help our clients build the demos and proof-of-concepts they need to evaluate the potential of LTE Broadcast for their business.

This can conveniently be done with the Expway eBox For LTE Broadcast. Select your content sources, your devices, and your demo application. Our experts help gather the logs and run performance analysis reports.

Field Validation

Field Validation

Developing field validations requires precise network to ecosystem alignment, including content sources, eMBMS services, middleware and device validation.

We help our clients determine the service layer and infrastructure components needed to enable a successful eMBMS trial. We build detailed architecture designs and establish key success factors and parameters. We work with our clients to integrate the data sources and the selected devices in the overall solution.

We support our clients during the development of their eMBMS App, and during the end-user experience analysis. Our Middleware SDK and APIs help dramatically reduce the cost and time it takes to build a full featured app. We collect the necessary logs and run performance reports to determine quality and stability levels. We gather and present trial results and establish commercial launch recommendations.

Commercial Launch

Commercial Launch

Our consultants focus on addressing their clients’ most critical challenges when rolling out successful commercial launches.

Our experts take part in defining launch specifications and success criteria with their clients. These include doing a high-level design appraisal, reviewing the service layer system architecture, considering how to implement LTE Broadcast in the most efficient way, and ensure 3GPP compliance.

Our highly flexible and open architecture allows our clients to realize the best value from the technologies they select. They can easily introduce new devices, new application features, and additional content streams while achieving critical launch timescales. A final thorough end-to-end technical acceptance review is conducted before the launch.

Key Expway Products

Expway BMSC

The Expway BMSC broadcasts videos and data to multiple devices simultaneously, with advanced Forward Error Correction (FEC) and File Repair. It also automatically collects usage data from the devices to insure consistent quality of service.

Expway BPM

Broadcast services set-up and control are easily handled with the Expway BPM's easy-to-use templates and powerful management capabilities. It can control and orchestrate several BMSCs from different vendors.

Expway Middleware

The Expway Middleware can reside on subscribers' mobile devices, emergency responders’ hand-held ruggedized devices, or home-gateways. It is a necessary software component to receive, and decode LTE Broadcast streams.

Expway eBox For LTE Broadcast

Expway eBox is used to evaluate the readiness and reliability of devices over a self-contained network in a box, or demo LTE Broadcast solutions. It is pre-packaged with components like an EPC, eNodeB and LTE Broadcast server.