Expway’s David Schapira Speaks About LTE Broadcast Potential

David Schapira, Expway’s Sales Director for Asia, was recently a featured speaker at the LTE Broadcast (eMBMS) Ecosystem Seminar. This seminar took place at Mobile Asia Expo, GMSA 2014, in Shanghai, China, a forum that showcases the newest technologies and most innovative products available in the mobile industry.

Specifically, David touched on several ways that LTE Broadcast allows a carrier to generate new revenue and simultaneously off-load traffic from unicast. Simply put, the solution can enhance video quality and deliver better user experience by optimizing:

  • VoD Services
  • Software Updates
  • Breaking News & Live Events in HD

David Schapira2

Expway’s David Schapira

He also covered several promising business-use cases for LTE Broadcast, including:

  • Nationwide Quadruple Play with RJIL, whose target is 37 million 4G wireless subscribers in four years.
  • Verizon’s live broadcast TV over 4G LTE via the NFL app, a content deal lasting four years that will include the Super Bowl and all playoff games.

David closed with the findings of Expway’s latest report that looks at a wide array of Business Cases with LTE Broadcast. Expway’s in-depth report covers each business case in terms of attractiveness and quality of experience, as well as new revenue and cost savings potential.

The premise of this analysis holds that with 25 million subscribers, LTE Broadcast can represent up to $250 million of additional profit per year for an operator.

For a copy of the report, “More Bits with Less Bucks: 14 LTE Broadcast Business Cases,” please CLICK HERE.