Expway For Public Safety

Mission-Critical LTE Broadcast

Mission-Critical LTE Broadcast

Expway offers complete sets of products and services for the public safety market based on 3GPP and LTE Broadcast standards. Expway's solutions allow safety agencies, device makers, and network operators to quickly and economically build mission-critical communications solutions. With Expway’s expertise and knowhow, safety agencies can enable their first responders to communicate and collaborate with each other, and successfully address natural and man-made threats more safely, securely and effectively.

How It Works

How It Works

First responders can now talk to each other using the latest MCPTT (Mission-Critical Push-To-Talk) standards, share HD videos with MCVideo (Mission-Critical Video) and data such as detailed building maps with MCData (Mission-Critical Data) in real-time, to an unlimited number of troops, over LTE Broadcast. Commanders can track their troops and vehicle locations accurately for faster and more precise critical decision-making and improved community safety.

Why LTE Broadcast

LTE Broadcast is widely regarded by communications experts and standardization bodies as a powerful technology that can benefit private and public safety agencies in numerous ways. It enables standard LTE networks to become ultra-efficient, with unprecedented high-bandwidth capabilities at lower operating costs. LTE Broadcast leverages a rich open ecosystem from commercial deployments and offers standardized protocols and greater interoperability, which has been a long-standing issue with public and private radio networks. It is also highly reliable and secure.

Rich Multimedia Communication

Public safety solutions bolstered with Expway’s LTE Broadcast technology provide private and public response teams with an efficient communication service for fast and efficient MCPTT, MCVideo and MCData. First responders can communicate to large groups at high speed and clear voice quality. Error free, high quality video transmissions can be initiated by any team member and shared with other teams. Very large files can be sent instantly to numerous devices in high resolution, instantaneously, when they’re needed.

Efficient, Committed Bandwidth

Expway’s LTE Broadcast technology allows private and public safety agencies to use strictly committed and prioritized bandwidth. It enables communication systems to transmit voice, videos and data only once to the troops, instead of individually to each responder, making the solution extremely scalable, and resilient to congestion.

Broad Inter-Agency Interoperability

Expway for Critical Communications works with a large variety of LTE Broadcast enabled mobile devices, connecting more public safety individuals together. First responders can roam into other jurisdictions and still communicate instantly and easily. Is product components can be shared among multiple private and public safety agencies and managed by any service provider. Tactical bubble solutions can quickly be deployed to emergency sites anywhere, when needed.

Key Expway Products

Expway BMSC

The Expway BMSC broadcasts videos and data to multiple devices at once, with advanced Forward Error Correction (FEC) and File Repair. It also automatically collects usage data from the responders’ devices to insure consistent quality of service.

Expway BPM

Broadcast services set-up and control are easily handled with the Expway BPM's easy-to-use interface and powerful management capabilities. It can control and orchestrate several BMSCs.

Expway Middleware for Critical Communications

The Expway Middleware CC resides on the emergency responders’ hand-held devices. It is a necessary software component that enables ruggedized mobile devices to receive, and decode LTE Broadcast streams.

Expway eBox For Critical Communications

Expway eBox for Critical Communications (eBox CC) is used to evaluate the readiness and reliability of mission-critical communication systems over LTE and LTE Broadcast economically.


The MCOP API and SDK were developed by Expway and the MCOP partners as part of the U.S. Commerce Department’s NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Mission Critical Open Platform (MCOP) project. They're 3GPP standards-based and designed to reduce integration efforts between the different MCPTT application software layers, and speed-up LTE-based public safety solutions adoption. The MCOP API and its associated SDK are available through the MCOP website.


A fully functional, compact and portable LTE network-in-a-box enhanced with eMBMS and a feature rich MCPTT server with exhaustive QoS functionality and MCVideo + MCData capabilities.